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At Life's Image, Ltd. we are proud to offer Colorado Senior Pictures, Team Photos, Family Portraits, and Corporate Headshots across the Greater Denver Metro Area.  

The best part of being a portrait photographer is preserving special moments in people’s lives. Sometimes it is simply the love that you feel for your family, or that your little ones are growing up so fast and you want to capture that moment in time.  At Life's Image, Ltd. we are proud to offer Senior Portraits, Team Sports and Family photography.  We are proud to offer Yearbook Photos to students with severe special needs at no charge.

Memories become some of the most important and valuable pieces of life.  The best way to capture these memories is through photography as photographs allow the ability to memorialize cherished times in life, whether through a planned shoot, or through capturing an event.  We believe the best photographs capture genuine moments in life, and show the true personalities and emotion of the people being photographed.   
We are professionally trained in Design, Photography, Law and Law Enforcement.  We maintain our professionalism in everything that we do.  I am dedicated to capturing the images of life that are happening all around us.  Our staff is experienced in Sony Cameras, Lighting, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom.  

At Life's Image, Ltd. we believe in giving back first and foremost.  As professionals in our community, you can find us supporting the Special Olympics through both imagery and coaching, working with local law enforcement and supporting The Honor Network.